Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions, but you can always email us any questions you don’t see here.

Our Filing Process


Collection and Preparation of Pertinent Information

Upon receiving your pertinent details (applicant information, mark, goods/services for trademarks, or PCT application number, legal status, number of English words requiring translation to Korean for patents, etc.), we meticulously prepare an estimate of fees, costs, and a Power of Attorney form for your signature.  (We are assuming that the English patent specification is prepared.)


Verification of Provided Details

We verify all provided information, including goods/services for trademarks, ensuring all details align with your application needs.


Execution of the Application Process

Once we receive your signed Power of Attorney form (and payment for trademarks), we diligently proceed with the application process – within 1-2 business days for trademarks, or 14-30 days for patents.


Filing Confirmation and New Application Report Delivery

After filing, we promptly send a New Application Report, confirming the successful completion of your application.