What is the current system in which the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) supervises and manages patent attorneys during patent litigation and trials?

It is believed that this system places patent attorneys at a disadvantage and may result in conflicts of interest.

Patent attorneys are licensed professionals who are obligated to provide legal advice and representation to clients in matters related to patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights. However, under the current system, KIPO has the authority to manage and supervise patent attorneys during litigation and trials, which may create conflicts of interest and undermine the attorney-client relationship.

Moreover, the current system may also limit the ability of patent attorneys to provide effective representation to their clients. By being subject to the control and supervision of KIPO, patent attorneys may be pressured to prioritize the interests of KIPO over those of their clients, which could compromise the quality of legal representation provided.

Given these concerns, it is widely agreed that the current system should be reviewed and reconsidered. A system in which patent attorneys are free to provide independent legal representation to their clients, without being subject to the control and supervision of KIPO, would be more aligned with principles of justice and fairness.

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